The Dos and Don’ts of Composting

I mentioned to my housemates the other day that I would like to start a garden for the front of our place, incl. a vegie patch.
Everyone supports the idea. Great!
Talk turned to making a compost heap: Keeping scraps of food to nourish the soil for future growth.
Chris and I were against the idea when Alwyne suggested to keep a compost bin inside… I don’t think so!
Another outlet for Alwyne and his grubbiness to ‘contribute’ to the household — aside from the ongoing filth accumulating in the kitchen sink, the caked on leftovers stuck to the inside of every bowl, plate and utensil he comes in contact with…
There are so many things wrong with keeping a compost bin especially in the kitchen, we both contested and the issue was dropped.
… Today, when I woke up to draw the blinds I see a small pile of what looks like an old lettuce, spring onion and celery shoots as well as a rotted banana outside the window.
I’m fuming.
Alwyne I’m assuming has decided to practice this ‘compost’ idea.
Being the first thing that I will now and subsequently in the future wake up to each morning when I open the blinds to start a new day…
Don’t get me wrong… I mean fair enough if in preparation for this ‘compost’ heap we had cleared the dead trees, bushes and grass — designated an assigned area for composting — and Alywne by effort, had dug the compost under the soil.
But really?
Sometimes it’s the little things about living situations and fellow housemates that irritate you…
* Having to pick up after them
* Having to clean up after them
* Having to do anything that should not be your responsibility… after them
And now…
The dilemma of how to approach this issue:

The Humanitarian

1. From a humanitarian perspective?
Silently take care of business myself and dispose of the disposed compost.
What would Mother Teresa or any worldly religious good-willed figure known for their compassion and patience do if she were in my shoes?

The Forgiving Blonde

2. Use my ‘charm’ to co-erce change?

Suck up my anger and ever so casually slide the  problem into conversation with a flick of my blonde hair, dazzling smile and cheerful ‘Oh Alwyne, how could you?’

The Negotiator

3.  Confront and destroy, with guns blazing?
Don’t hold back.